What are Orthotics?

Orthotics is the design, fabrication, fitting and supervised use of devices that provide external support or assist weak or abnormal joints and muscle groups. It refers to the branch of medicine that deals with the designing and manufacturing of shoe devices used to aid people suffering from foot problems. Musculoskeletal disorders, joint weakness, back problems, or the inability of any joint or muscle group to function correctly can greatly decrease an individual’s quality of life and mobility. Foot orthoses, also known as orthotics are custom foot supports. They are designed to fit efficiently and balance the bio mechanical deficiencies of your feet and legs. Different foot problems call for different orthotic devices, which are prescribed by orthotists.


Allows a high resolution accurate 3D image of the cast or impression box to be captured and imported into the orthotics design software.


Provide us with a digital scan of the foot and do away with casting forever. We welcome a range of file types including STL. To check your scanner compatibility please send us a test file.


The creation of a “virtual” positive allows accurate application of your prescription variables to the foot scan. The “virtual” positive can be adjusted to satisfy your changing prescription requirements and stored removing the need for additional casting or cast storage.


Your orthotics design is digitally stored allowing easy ordering of repeat pairs or modification of design parameters.

CAM: Computer aided manufacturing.


Direct milling allows orthotic shell thickness to be modified by fractions of a millimeter rather than 1 mm increments, resulting in a wide range of flexibility options to suit your prescription needs.

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